Mr. Cooper

Mr and Mrs Cooper wanted to maximise the output from their roof, however had a limited amount of space. ARP overcame this by using high efficiency 265w Yingli Panda solar modules. Yingli panda have a higher efficiency than most other panels meaning they produce a higher output from the same surface area, and are a fraction of the cost when compared to similar high efficiency panels.

The second issue to address was the distance of the cable run from the solar panels to the inverter. To overcome this issue we  oversized the cable used to prevent any voltage drops and maximise the system output.

Yingli Panda 265w

Yingli Panda 265w

Mark from ARP was 1 of 12 companies who I invited to give me a price for installing Solar Panels. On first impression I thought yes he is the one and I was right. He was the most competitive and professional company to give me a quote and since he installed my panels I have recommended to many friends and family. I could not rate his company high enough, first class from start to finish, A++++++++++

Mr. Cooper - Crook