Commercial LED Lighting

LED lighting…        

Use 90% less electricity than traditional light bulbs.


Lighting typically consumes 20% of the electricity used within industrial, commercial and residential buildings.


As the cost of electricity is becoming a constant source of concern to each and every user, LED lighting has increasingly become an alternative source of illumination because of its low energy consumption, high luminosity, long life and associated cost savings.



                 RDC with modern LED lighting                                                                The same RDC with old traditional lighting


The benefits of LED lighting are manifold;

  • LEDs will slash your electricity bill

  • LEDs can pay for themselves through electricity savings within the first few months

  • LEDs will reduce your CO2­ emissions

  • LEDs will cut your Climate Change Levy (CCL) environmental tax

  • LEDs are long lasting -  in some cases it is claimed for 25-30 years

  • LEDs illuminate almost instantly

  • LEDs work in low temperatures

  • LEDs will enhance your companies “green credentials”


Finance availability….


To enable you to benefit from the obvious advantages and savings of LED over traditional lighting we can arrange a financing and installation service to meet your bespoke requirements.