Commercial Solar PV

Advanced Renewable Power provides solar for commercial business at any stage from preliminary advise to complete installation.

Due to rising energy prices and financial incentives offered by the government, Renewable Energy has become more meaningful for businesses to generate and use. As well as aiding the UK’s legal obligation to meet 15% of energy demand by Renewable sources by 2020, other benefits include:

1) Strengthening the organisation’s brand and environmental credentials making you stand out from your competition 
2) Fossil fuel resources are dwindling and the UK is increasing its imports which eventually leads to price rise. In contrast Renewable Energy offers a more secure energy supply since they occur naturally and won’t run out.
3) Exemption from CCL (Climate Change Levy )- Climate change Levy was introduced to encourage businesses to reduce energy consumption or use renewable energy sources.
4) Helps reduce carbon foot print. According to a survey by the annual Carbon Disclosure Project, companies that implement policies to reduce carbon emissions perform better on the stock market compared with those that do not.

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ARPower Services

Services We Offer

  • Renewable energy advice
  • Design of your renewable energy system
  • Renewable energy system installation
  • Project management
  • Commissioning of your renewable energy system
  • Grant application advice
  • Market-leading warranties
  • System Maintenance 
  • Lifetime technical support