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What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a renewable source of energy and can be installed for both personal use and business use. With the future of energy facing more uncertainty in upcoming years, solar panels are becoming an increasingly more popular option in the UK. This guide will explore the solar panel installation process at AR Power, which is a simple but thorough process.


Benefits of Solar Panels

There are a variety of benefits that individuals or businesses can gain from having solar panels installed, these include cost savings on energy bills, energy security and the potential to gain income from excess energy.


How are they installed?

At AR Power, we install solar panels for our clients in a simple eight step process. Splitting up the process into smaller steps means our installation is simple for our clients and ensures a smooth experience.


Step 1 – Deposits and Install Dates

The first step of the process is speaking to the potential client. We like to find out exactly what they are looking for and how we could meet those requirements. After coming to an agreement, our client will have to pay their deposit, which is 25% of the total payment and we will set dates for the solar panel installation.


Step 2 – Confirmation Details

After a client has signed their contract and paid their deposit for their solar panels, we will get back in touch within five days with warranty and deposit certificates.


Step 3 – Surveying

The surveying step in our solar panel installation process involves our expert surveyors going out to the client’s property and conducting a technical survey of the premises. This enables our team to establish cable runs, where the inverters are to be positioned and help answer any questions the client may still want to ask our team. The surveying will usually take up to an hour and will consist of AR Power’s surveyors using laser technology to ensure accuracy.


Step 4 – Second Payment

Two weeks prior to the installation of your solar panels, our team will be in touch to arrange your second payment, which will be 35% of the total sum that was already agreed to.


Step 5 – Scaffolding Plan

In step five of the installation process our clients receive an installation update, and a plan for the scaffolding, which is always sent out seven days in advance of the installation. The scaffolding will then be put up one or two days before the planned solar panel installation date, and we aim to remove the scaffolding within five days.


Step 6 – Installation of Panels

This step involves the actual solar power installation. Typically, a 4kW Solar PV install takes one day in total. However, for clients that are wanting a higher output PV system and have chosen a battery storage system, the install will usually take more than a day. In the initial steps of the process, our engineers at AR Power will discuss how long the installation will take for the project.


Step 7 – Final Payment

Once the solar panel system has been installed, our team will be in contact for the final payment, which is 40% of the total cost.


Step 8 – Handover

The final stage of the solar panel installation process involves us sending over any remaining documents to our client and will usually take place within four weeks of the solar panels being installed. These documents usually include MCS Certification, Electrical Certificate, DC Test Sheets, Building Notifications, G98, data sheets and warranties. You will need the G98 document for smart export guarantee payments.


At AR Power, we pride ourselves on our service, and always ensure we are providing the best solutions for our clients. Please contact AR Power today to find out how we can meet your solar needs and get a quote from one of our solar panel experts.

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