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Commercial Solar Panels

Solar panel solutions for every business

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Commercial Solar Panel Services

Solar Installations

Reduce your electricity bills and offset your carbon footprint by installing a solar PV system on your commercial premises.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

If you have a lot of land around or your roof is not suitable, a ground mounted solar panel installation could be the ideal solution.

Battery Storage

Store surplus energy generated by your solar panel installation to one of our commercial solar battery solutions.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Get the most from your solar panels and ensure you achieve the best return on investment with our solar panel maintenance services.

The Benefits Of Solar Panels For Businesses

If you’re looking to install solar panels on your commercial property, here are some of the main benefits of solar panels for business:

Providing Financial Savings

While there is an initial outlay, commercial solar panels will save your business money over the long term, as solar energy can reduce or even eliminate traditional energy costs. Also, if the energy produced is greater than the company's consumption, the excess energy can be sold back to the national grid.

Energy Targets

Businesses that have signed up for energy-saving schemes, such as NetZero, can achieve these aims quickly with solar panels. Commercial solar panels can reduce the business's reliance on fossil fuels and showcase its commitment to finding renewable energy sources.

Creating A Marketing Opportunity

Renewable technologies like solar panels can be a great way to market your business as energy efficient and target an environmentally-focused demographic. So, the choice to reduce your business carbon footprint with solar panels has wide-reaching implications that you can highlight through your marketing campaigns.

Making The Most Of Unused Space

The roof space on most commercial buildings is usually empty. By installing solar panels, companies can make the most of this unused space and use it to generate energy to power their operations. For companies that can't install roof-mounted commercial solar panels, a ground-mounted array could be an ideal alternative.

AR Power specialises in solar panels for business customers, so we understand that each company is different and has unique needs. Thanks to our wide range of services and long-standing expertise in the commercial solar array market, we can help business leaders like you get all these advantages and more. Call 0191 4813316 to get started on your commercial solar project today.

Accreditations and awards

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Why Choose AR Power?

As an MCS-accredited, ISO 9001:2015 certified solar panel installer, AR Power has all the relevant qualifications and experience needed to carry out large-scale solar installations. Our team has been installing commercial solar panels for over a decade, and they understand how to take your initial idea and transform it into the solar array your business needs.

Thanks to our extensive experience and skills, we can install solar technology on your roof or ground mount it to land around your premises. Alternatively, we also offer solar carport solutions, helping you use your car parking areas more efficiently. So, whether you’re looking for a small commercial solar panel system to help you reduce energy bills and cut your company’s carbon emissions, or you’re seeking to launch solar farms to power your national operation, we have the solution for you.

For larger companies looking to sell solar electricity back to the grid or build a future energy supply for their organisation, we offer a range of solar panel battery storage solutions. AR Power is also a certified supplier of Tesla Powerwall batteries, meaning we can help you find the best technology to harness and store solar power.

So, if you are looking for expert solar panel installers, contact AR Power today. Our team will help you through every stage of the process, from the initial quote to commercial solar PV installation and ongoing maintenance of your system.

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Ways to fund your solar panel installation

At AR Power we offer a range of financing options to help businesses with their solar purchases. Our financing options include:

Capital Expenditure

Choosing between purchasing your solar panel system or using a funded solution often depends on the long-term strategy of your business and its desire for capital expenditure. If your business has the financial resources to invest in solar, you will typically see a return on investment within 5 years.

Asset Finance

Our asset finance funding option allows your business to benefit from solar power without having to pay any large upfront costs. Instead, you will pay regular instalments over a number of years enabling you to save on energy bills while paying for your commercial solar installation.

Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement allows for your business to secure a portion of your annual electricity consumption from solar power, with zero upfront costs. You will be charged a fixed rate for the electricity, allowing for power to be secured at a lower rate that is guaranteed to remain the same for at least the next 20 years.

Commercial Solar Panels FAQs

In the past, there were three main types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels. The names of the first two types of panels refer to the number of photovoltaic (PV) cells the panel has. Monocrystalline solar panels comprise silicon solar cells with a single silicon crystal. Polycrystalline solar panels contain more silicon, which is not cut as intricately as it is in monocrystalline panels. Thin-film panels are made from layers of semiconducting materials, which are placed between transparent conducting layers, with a layer of glass on top. Today, Mono-PERC half cell solar panels, a version of monocrystalline panels that have the solar cell cut in half for maximum efficiency, are the most popular. A new solution, TOPCon panels, is considered more efficient and longer lasting.

Currently, Mono-PERC solar panels are often considered the best solar panels for businesses, as they are the most efficient, but they are being phased out for TOPCon panels. However, every company is different, so the best type of solar panel system for your commercial property will depend on a range of factors, including cost, available roof space and how much energy you need to generate. Our team can provide industry-leading advice to ensure that you get all of the environmental benefits and cost savings possible from your commercial solar installation.

Some commercial solar panel arrays meet the criteria for permitted development, meaning you do not need planning permission. While there are no planning permission restrictions for high-generating solar arrays, if they are going to be attached to a listed building, are placed within the boundaries of a World Heritage Site or are a ground-mounted system of more than 9m2, then you may need permission from your local council and may face restrictions.

With expert installation from AR Power, commercial solar PV systems should not cause damage to your property’s roof. Our team will check the roof structure and weight-bearing capabilities prior to the commercial solar panel installation. If the roof is not suitable, then we can consider ground-mounted panels or creating a solar panel carport.

Every commercial solar project is unique, but the typical costs you’ll have to pay initially are payment for the panels and installation costs. The initial fees for the panels and installation costs will depend on the system size, the position of your roof and the mounting system you choose. Once the solar panels are installed, they will incur maintenance costs, including regular cleaning. However, solar panels can significantly reduce energy costs for your business, meaning the initial price and ongoing fees will be offset by the cost savings you incur over time. The bigger your electricity consumption, the larger the initial cost, but also the more your company can save over time with a commercial solar system.

Businesses can get grants and financial help from the government to fund the cost of purchasing commercial solar panels. If your company does not qualify for a grant to get the panels for free, you may be able to apply for an interest-free loan or other forms of financial support for your commercial solar panels. Businesses can also enter a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”), whereby an investor will fully fund the cost of the installation and sell the power generated by the solar panels back to the business at a fixed reduced cost. This approach helps companies to save money and benefit from solar energy without the high upfront costs. AR Power can provide advice and support for companies looking to finance their solar panel purchase and installation.

Any extra energy produced by the solar panel system can be sold back to the National Grid via the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), which has replaced the old Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme. With the SEG, companies can sign up and sell any excess renewable energy generated by their solar PV system to earn additional revenue.

AR Power covers all areas of the North East including Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, Newton Aycliffe, Sunderland, Washington and more, AR Power is one of the leaders in the area when it comes to commercial solar panels. We also have national reach, installing commercial solar panels across the UK- so wherever you are, we can help.

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