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Asset Finance

Spread the cost of your commercial solar PV installation with Asset Finance.

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Asset Finance can help make your solar PV system more affordable

More and more companies are choosing to pay for their commercial solar panels using Asset Finance. This is where a finance company pays for the full cost of the system, then you pay them a set amount each month until the solar PV panels are paid off. We tend to find traditional asset finance options are spread over 60 – 120 months.

9 times out of 10 we can find a way to make sure the system is cash positive from year 1. We do this by fluctuating the term to ensure the loan repayments are less than what you save per annum from your electricity bill. When this is put down on paper, the system pays its way and almost ticks the “No brainer” box.

Asset Finance Savings Example

There are many different payment models available when it comes to funding your solar panels using asset finance. These include a fixed monthly payment model, or the variable ‘seasonal payments’ where your payments are linked to your solar generation, increasing payments in spring/summer and reducing them in Winter – allowing you to balance the books and ensure you are cash neutral all year round. You can also opt to pay nothing for the first 6 months, then start to make payments once you have saved money on energy bills.

It may be that you already have a partner who provides asset finance to your company who will be able to help you, however if you don’t, we can introduce you to one. The application process is straight forward, and we can assist you with every step. It’s unlikely that you will miss out on any large energy savings while you wait, unlike using grants and PPAs where the process can take months before funds are approved and released.

Once your Asset Finance plan has been agreed, the funder will pay AR Power directly for the work, then you will make the agreed payments to the finance company. If you are planning on using a grant in conjunction with an Asset Finance payment plan, please check with the grant provider that this is ok as the grant provider will require proof that you have paid for the panels, and you may not be able to prove this if using Asset Finance.

The typical customer who opts for asset finance would usually put the VAT down as their initial deposit.

Asset finance is a great way to fund your solar PV project, protecting your own cash flow and helping you become more sustainable and grow faster as a business.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out how asset finance could help make your solar PV system and journey to become more sustainable more affordable.

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