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Find out about the benefits and process of installing solar in our video podcast, also available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Do you have a question about installing solar to your company facility or buildings?

In this Manufacturing Leaders video podcast hosted by Mark Bracknall from Theo James Recruitment, our Operations Director Chris Balmer and Head of Commercial Stephen Armstrong cover many topics around installing solar to your business.

You can watch the podcast above or listen to it on Apple Music and Spotify.

Introductions (0:00)
About AR Power (2:00)
Debunking myths (5:03)
Benefits of installing solar (6:37)
Return on Investment (ROI) and funding options (8:26)
The process for installing solar (11:36)
Ground mounted solar and solar carports (15:25)
Evolution of tech in solar (18:30)
Why businesses should consider installing solar (21:10)
Operations and maintenance (22:36)
Lifespan of a solar PV system (24:19)
Funding options (25:15)
Why choose AR Power (27:07)
Solar and the weather (30:40)
First steps (31:40
Supply chain and solar (34:20)
What’s next for AR Power (35:08)
Closing comments (38:40)

If you have any questions about installing solar or if you would like us to provide you with a free quote detailing system cost, payback period, funding options, and CO2e savings, please get in touch. We are always here to help.

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