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Solar Carports

Find an elegant way to generate solar power for your business with AR Power's solar carports.

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What Is A Solar Carport?

A solar carport is a ground-mounted, canopy-style installation that is built over car parking spaces and offers shelter for cars and energy generation opportunities for businesses.

Designed with a slight tilt, the carport roof is an optimum area for solar panels to be seamlessly mounted and also allows for rainwater to be naturally drained using a guttering system. The carport’s solar panels generate electricity from the sun, which is ready to be used on-site immediately or stored in solar battery storage systems for use at another time.

From covering a dual parking space to an entire commercial car park, solar carports vary drastically in size, and are a suitable option regardless of the size of your business parking space. If you already have a roof-mounted solar PV system on your building, solar carports can be installed to work in conjunction with your current set-up.

Solar Carport Installers North East

The Benefits Of Solar Carports For Businesses

Installing solar panels on a solar canopy above your car parking facilities will not only make a clear statement on your company’s commitment to sustainability but also provide access to a range of benefits, including:

Financial Gains

Financial Gains

By producing energy on-site, your business's energy bills will be significantly lower. There is also the option to sell excess electricity generated by your solar carport back to the grid or to charge electric vehicles a fee for using your charge points.

Enhanced Energy Capacity

Enhanced Energy Capacity

Solar carports increase onsite energy generation and are especially useful if you do not have adequate roof space for solar panels. So, you can get the maximum output from solar panels on your roof space with a solar carport.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

EV charge points can easily be connected to your carport system, allowing both your employees and visitors access to electric vehicle charging while on-site. That means you can show your commitment to reducing your company's carbon footprint in more ways than one with a solar canopy.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to the more practical benefits, solar carports are also aesthetically appealing and can transform the look of any car park. The main structure can be designed to your specifications to fit with the style of your existing commercial property.

Improved CSR

Improved CSR

Commercial solar carports reduce CO2 output, enhancing your company's CSR (corporate social responsibility) and green credentials. They're an obvious sign of your commitment to saving the environment, so they offer an ideal marketing opportunity.

Vehicle Protection

Vehicle Protection

Solar canopies not only generate electricity but also provide protection from the elements for vehicles parked on your premises. Some companies already have covered areas for vehicles, so you can make the most of these by adding solar panels.

If you choose to work with a company like AR Power, you can get all these benefits and more. We offer an effective solution to help you create the solar canopy you want.

Stylish Solar Canopies For Your Car Park

Creating the right solar carport for your business is paramount, which is why you need experts in commercial solar panels. AR Power has the knowledge and experience to create a custom solution that will make the most of your parking space and help the roof of your car park generate renewable energy to power your business.

With the right solar canopy, you can generate clean energy for your business using the roof space you already have on your covered car park. Solar carports are ideal for companies with roof spaces that won’t support solar panel installation and don’t want a ground-mounted solar array. Carports provide a unique combination of the two options, with added bonuses such as weather protection for vehicles.

Every project is unique, and AR Power aims to offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs from start to finish. We offer financing options to help you cover the costs of your solar carport investment and have a simple installation process to make the entire project run smoothly.

If you’re ready to see how your business and the environment can benefit from a solar carport, get in touch today.

Choose AR Power For Your Commercial Solar Carports

Professionally designed and installed, our solar carports provide your business with a large outdoor covered area that shelters car parking spaces whilst converting daylight into electricity. Solar energy generated by your carport can increase your business’ energy capacity and can be used to power electric vehicle (EV) charging points for both employees and visitors.

At AR Power, we manage your solar carport installation from initial concept through to implementation and ongoing maintenance. Our expert team can support you with planning applications and grid connection consents where required to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Our solar carport solutions are quick and easy to install and designed to meet your individual needs and maintain their value over time. If you decide to move premises in the future, our solar carports can be easily repositioned, making them a long-term investment for your business.

To support a variety of businesses across the North East, we install solar carports for businesses and organisations across the region, including Durham, Gateshead, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Yorkshire, South Shields, Sunderland and Washington. We have national reach, so get in touch if you are outside of the North East and would like help with your commercial solar panel carport solution.