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Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance

Protect your investment in solar power with ongoing commercial solar panel maintenance, cleaning and repairs in the North East

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The Importance Of Maintaining Your Commercial Solar Panels

When you work with solar panel installation specialists like AR Power for your commercial solar installation, the team will check that the solar PV system functions perfectly.

While they might work at the beginning, over time, the energy production from your solar PV system may reduce. This could be due to many factors including panels being soiled, this is where an annual servicing and regular cleaning will help ensure they operate at maximum efficiency.

If your solar PV system becomes covered in grime or debris, then it won’t have access to direct sunlight, which can mean it doesn’t produce as much energy as it used to. This means that your annual generation figure may not be achievable therefore affecting your return on investment. Solar PV systems that are well-maintained will generate more solar energy than those where there is dirt build-up and limited professional solar maintenance.

Some other benefits of getting regular checks for commercial solar PV systems are:

  • Maximise your return on investment
  • See a faster payback on your system cost
  • Help with insurance requirements
  • Ensure your solar PV system lasts as long as it should
  • Keep your employees and maintenance technicians safe from electrical shock

Regular maintenance and inspections also ensures that issues with your panels are noticed quickly. Also, if your solar PV system develops a small fault, our team of professionals can identify and fix the issue before it becomes a major problem.

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Our Solar Panel Operations & Maintenance Services

We offer all businesses and organisations who are benefitting from commercial solar panels operations and maintenance (O&M) support throughout the lifecycle of their systems, whether it was installed by us or not.

One of our solar O&M engineers can visit your organisation’s premises and carry out a thorough check of your solar energy system, then advise on any maintenance work that may be required.

Here are some of the solar PV system checks we will carry out as part of the service:

Full visual site inspection

Inspection and testing of inverters

AC electrical testing of solar PV circuit

DC string checks

Visual drone inspection for panel shading

Roof condition alert report

Visual drone inspection of modules, mounting system, DC cable & containment

Inspection of protection devices, & much more

Get in touch to book in your engineer visit to help keep your solar system functioning correctly.

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Solar Panel Cleaning And Repair

If we find any issues with your solar PV system, we offer a range services to put things right, including solar panel cleaning, ongoing monitoring, repairs and, where needed, replacement panels or inverters. 

Our team can replace a single damaged solar panel if needed and make changes to your inverter to ensure that it is converting your solar power supply correctly. 

Solar panel cleaning is also a service we offer, removing dirt and soiling from your panels using professional equipment to ensure the system works well and is fully clean.

Some solar panel system owners have issues with birds, such as pigeons and seagulls, nesting under and soiling on their solar panels. For these clients, we offer bird deterrent solutions to reduce the issues caused by long-term exposure to bird guano and nesting materials

Soiled Solar Panels

Solar Panel Maintenance FAQs

While your company might have cleaning staff who can provide general cleaning and clearing of debris from beneath your solar panels, annual cleaning and maintenance should be carried out by solar panel professionals like the team at AR Power. Our experts have extensive experience maintaining and inspecting commercial solar panels, and they have drone licenses to allow them to see the entire system clearly and safely.

Pigeons, seagull and other birds like to nest under solar panel systems, particularly large commercial ones. Unfortunately, bird droppings can corrode the surface of the panels, leading to loss of function. To deter birds from nesting under your commercial solar array, there are several solutions we can use, including netting, bird spikes and more. These solutions are more cost-effective than other bird deterrents, such as using hawks, and have a greater success rate when installed by experts like AR Power.

We advise that your solar panels are professionally checked, cleaned and repaired, if necessary, every year. If a system fault is detected, then you should call us immediately to fix the issue. Basic cleaning should be carried out every month to remove debris and avoid a build-up of grime.

Our team use cutting-edge technology to clean and service solar panels, including drones for inspections and monitoring software to keep an eye on your array’s output. We also use theSolarCleano F1, the fastest solar panel cleaning robot on the market, to keep solar panels looking as good as new at all times.