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Your home is the first place you can experience the benefits of improving your energy efficiency.

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We have installed commercial solar panels for many prestigious clients such as Northumbria University, NEAS NHS Trust and South Tyneside Council. Due to rising energy prices, Solar PV has become more meaningful for businesses to generate and use.

How do commercial solar panels work?

Business solar panels convert daylight to DC electricity. From here, an inverter converts the electricity to AC where it becomes suitable for business use. Any unused electricity is either sent back to the grid or stored in solar panel battery storage.

What are the benefits of commercial solar panels?

As well as aiding the UK’s legal obligation to meet 15% of energy demand by Renewable sources by 2020, other benefits include:

Cost Saving

We use PV software, together with your energy data, to produce an exact saving based on PV output vs site usage. From this we can demonstrate the cost saving to your business for the next 30 years by installing Solar.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A greatly reduced Carbon Footprint which will strengthen your organisation’s brand and environmental credentials. You’ll stand out from your competition.

Financial stability and energy security

Fossil fuel resources are dwindling and the UK is increasing its imports which leads to price rises.
By installing Solar PV you are future proofing your business against these hikes by taking advantage of Solar PV production and ‘free’, clean energy.

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