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Our installation at BHK UK Ltd. based in Peterlee ranks amongst one of the largest rooftop installations in the North East with 2,344 panels and a staggering 1.3MW Solar PV power output.

BHK, a drawer manufacturer based in Peterlee, County Durham reached out to AR Power in late 2021 to discuss installing solar panels to their business.

Sam Reynolds, Engineering Manager at BHK, said the company wanted to explore installing solar panels to its facility due to energy prices almost quadrupling in the recent months, and were interested in how much money they could save each year.

Our team worked with Sam to create an initial proposal, using the company’s recent energy consumption to calculate the appropriate system size for BHK’s energy needs. We were then able to model payback projections against this data.

We estimated that the new solar panel installation will enable BHK to save around £88,000 on energy costs after year one with a potential saving of almost £3m after 25 years. In addition, it was estimated that the firm will make a lifetime saving of 3.8 million kg of Carbon Dioxide.

Sam said “From start to finish, the service received from AR Power was excellent. I am a very busy person and AR Power took care of everything. The team kept me informed at every stage of the process and got the team at BHK involved when needed. I really can’t recommend them enough.

Solis App on Phone“Using the real time app, we are seeing days where we are self sufficient as a company, using only the power generated by the solar panels. This a great indicator that we will make our money back on the investment a lot sooner than projected.”

Sam also added that having the app and being able to see how much they are using from the panels versus the grid will allow them to budget for energy usage for years to come.

AR Power have managed every aspect of the work from structural reports to commissioning and to do this they have taken on more staff, increased their operational infrastructure and purchased additional vehicles as Operations Director Chris Balmer explained.

“This is a vast project and has taken three months from full site set-up to commissioning. We’ve taken on new staff and now have our own in-house project management team and a new Electrical Manager too. We are also looking to take on more qualified electricians as more work like this comes in.”

Chris and Mark AR PowerMark Dunville, Technical Director said: “From small beginnings in 2011 we have grown exponentially and put the correct infrastructure in place to plan, install and commission huge installations all across the country.

“This project ranks amongst one of the largest rooftop installations in the North East with 2,344 panels and a staggering 1.3MW Solar PV power output.

“We’re one of only a few companies in the North East that can handle a project of this size and we want to pass our expertise onto other large energy users so that they too can benefit from cost savings and use a much greener source of energy.”

If you are considering installing solar panels to your business premises, whether it’s a roof or ground mounted system, we can help you.

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