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We’ve installed a rooftop solar PV system at a site in Scotland for one of the largest timber processing companies in Europe.

Project Details
System Size
235.4 kWp
No. of Panels
Annual Generation
186,450 kWh’s
Co2 Emissions Avoided
39,318 kg/year

James Jones & Sons Ltd is one of the largest, most efficient and innovative timber processing groups in Europe, offering the widest range of sawn timber products including carcassing, fencing, pallet wood and engineered timber products.

In order to reduce energy costs and contribute to reducing their carbon emissions, the multinational company came to AR Power to discuss installing solar at their location in Hangingshaw, Scotland.

Hangingshaw is the company’s newest sawmill and was commissioned in 2018 as part of a £17.5 Million investment by James Jones to create a unique secondary processing, undercover storage and distribution centre in the south of Scotland for the Group.

James Jones is already a very green company having a well on site they use for water and a rainwater recovery system due to their water usage for treatments. Their new building at the Hangingshaw site was built with the plan of having solar installed to the roof. It is south facing and has no skylights, allowing the company to maximise on the number of panels that could be installed.

We were contacted by the company in 2022 carry out the project. After our initial conversations by phone/email, our team went to the site to carry out a survey of the building, its electrical set up and to discuss the project with the team in person.

Once we received details of their current energy usage, we were able to provide a proposal which included how we would carry out the project and the projections for savings on energy bills and how many tonnes of Co2 the company would offset annually.

Based on the information we received, we projected that the company would pay back the cost of the solar installation within 4 years.

James Jones & Sons InvertersWe take safety very seriously when on site and were able to have a 91-meter scaffolding platform that ran the length of and up the sides of the building making it safer and easier for our teams to install to the roof.

We used plant machinery to get the equipment to the roof and used a boom lift to reach the roof internally to install the wiring for the inverters. Our team also had use of welfare facilities for the duration of the installation which took around 2 weeks.

The 235.4kWp commercial solar PV system consisted of 432 panels, which was projected to produce over 186,450kWh and carbon savings of 39,318kg in its first year.

Mark Dunville, Technical Director at AR Power said “This was a great project for AR Power and demonstrates that although we are commercial solar installers based in the North East of England, we can provide quality and cost effective solar installations to businesses and organisations right across the United Kingdom”.

The company have approached us to install an additional solar PV system to another building at the same site after seeing the benefits from this solar installation, which will be completed later this year.

If you would like to find out how much you could save on your energy bills or your carbon footprint by installing solar to your business or organisation, please get in touch with us today.

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