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Step 1 - Deposit and Install Dates

Once you sign your contract and pay your 25% deposit, we can add you to our installation board and discuss install dates. Your deposit is held in a client account and only used for the procurement of your kit.

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Step 2 - Confirmation Details

Within 5 working days from signing your contract you will receive, by email, your deposit and warranty certificate.

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Step 3 - Technical Survey of the Property

AR Power will conduct a technical survey of your property. This helps us establish and discuss cable runs, inverter positioning and answer any further questions you may have at this stage.

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Step 4 - Second Payment

14 days prior to your installation date you will be asked to settle your second stage payment (35%). Together with your initial deposit, these funds will be used to procure your kit ready for your install date.

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Step 5 - Scaffolding Plan

An installation update, along with the scaffolding plan, will be sent 7 days prior to install. We aim to erect scaffolding 1-2 days prior to starting works and remove scaffold within 5 days.

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Step 6 - Installation of Panels

A 4kW Solar PV install generally takes one day. With clients increasingly adding in a storage (battery) option and a higher output PV system greater than 4kW, the install may take 2 days. We would always discuss this with you at step 1. Our engineers will walk you through the install before beginning and similarly talk you through the handover once the job is complete.

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Step 7 - Final Payment

Following the commissioning of your system our office will contact you for final payment (40%).

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Step 8 - Handover

AR Power will provide full handover pack within 28 days of the installation. This includes: MCS Certification, Electrical Certificate, DC Test Sheets, Building Notifications, G98 (required for smart export guarantee payments), data sheets and warranties.

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