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Whether you’re a manufacturer, school or local authority, your empty roof or unused grounds could generate a lot of energy for your organisation, reducing your reliance and costs on energy from the grid.

This could save you thousands on your energy bills per year.

We have installed solar for a number of different organisations over the years, which stand to generate thousands of units of electricity (kWh), free of charge every year, for the next 25 years.

There is a payback period to consider, however most companies today stand to pay back the cost of their system within 4 years.

Some companies choose to pay for their panels using asset finance and find that the money they save on energy bills cover the monthly repayments, meaning there is technically no additional company expenditure required to cover the solar PV system.

Take a look at some of the examples below, to see how much energy each solar PV system is generating, and how much money they stand to save per year.

If you would like to find out how much energy your roof could generate for your organisation, please get in touch for a no-obligation quote today.

Please note, we are unable to share the exact price per kWh, cost of system, and savings for each of the following installations, therefore we have used average figures stated at the bottom of this article.

BHK Manufacturing Peterlee Solar Panels
BHK – Peterlee
Annual Generation 1,137,722 kWh
Self Consumption 967,063.70 kWh
Energy Sent Back to Grid 170,658.30 kWh
Annual Savings from Grid £241,765.93
Export Savings £17,065.83
Total Savings Per Year £258,831.76
Salem Tube International
Salem Tube International
Annual Generation 367,975 kWh
Self Consumption 312,778.75 kWh
Energy Sent Back to Grid 55,196.25 kWh
Annual Savings from Grid £78,194.69
Export Savings £5,519.63
Total Savings Per Year £83,714.31
Port of Blyth
Port of Blyth
Annual Generation 639,844 kWh
Self Consumption 543,867.40 kWh
Energy Sent Back to Grid 95,976.60 kWh
Annual Savings from Grid £135,966.85
Export Savings £9,597.66
Total Savings Per Year £145,564.51
The Metal Drum Company
The Metal Drum Company
Annual Generation 221,070 kWh
Self Consumption 187,909.50 kWh
Energy Sent Back to Grid 33,160.50 kWh
Annual Savings from Grid £46,977.38
Export Savings £3,316.05
Total Savings Per Year £50,293.43

Calculations: All prices are estimates based on a 85% level of self-consumption, where the cost of energy from the grid is 25p per kWh, and the remaining 15% of energy generated will be sold back to the grid at 10p per kWh. Roof sizes vary. Installation sizes vary depending on current consumption and DNO specifications. Size of installation depends on your roof space, type and orientation. Allowances need to be made for edges, roof lights and obstacles, meaning we can never cover the full roof. Self-consumption percentages differ depending on organisation and energy demands. If you do not have a suitable roof, we can look at ground mounted or carport solar panel solutions.

If you would like to find out how much you could save on your energy bills by installing solar to your premises, please contact us today and we can prepare a no-obligation quote for you.

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