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Step 1 - Survey

What solar system suits you and your property? Our experienced surveyors will help you find out.

Visits take about 1 hour. We measure up using laser technology to ensure accuracy, conduct a technical survey of the property (roof and electrics) and take lots of photos.

We talk to you about your needs and budget, then evaluate all options out there. Using PV Sol Professional Solar PV design software we’ll produce appropriate suggestions which are emailed to you within 2 working days. If you want to try different options, no problem. We’ll fine-tune things until you’re entirely happy with the set up.

Step 2 - Installation

Home installations are normally done in a day. Solar + Battery may extend into 2 days.

Business installations will take longer, depending on the complexity of your site and the overall system size.

Scaffolding is usually erected one working day before install and removed a few days later.

Disruption is kept to a minimum and your power is only off for a few minutes. We’re polite
and we clean up after ourselves.

Step 3 - Paperwork

We will send you your MCS certificate, building notification and final receipt via email. The full handover pack will be with you in around 21 days.

Then, sign up with an energy supplier who will pay you for your exported solar energy. Part of this process requires you providing your supplier with the countersigned G98 document. Please note the G98 form is submitted to the DNO immediately following installation. It can take up to 4 weeks to receive the countersigned document back. We will get this to you ASAP.

For your business

Your business can experience benefits like strengthening your organisation’s brand and environmental credentials by improving workspace energy efficiencies.

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